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Noso Liverpool food

our story 

Our founders, Miguel and Jean have been inspired by food from early age in Venezuela. Miguels family have been producing incredible quality milk and fresh cheese in San Cristobal since he was a little boy, and he has been passionate about this ever since. Jean also came from a family of farmers who moved out of Italy to Venezuela in the 50s.  Throughout his life, true to his Italian heritage, love has been always demonstrated through food, both in the joy of preparation and sharing meals with family and friends.

Miguel and Jean met in Liverpool, and became great friends, sharing their joy, passion and love for great food. This formed the foundation of their desire to bring something of their love for fantastic, freshly prepared food to our guests in the UK. Our name NOSO,  NOrth and SOuth, is a tribute to our beginnings in the Northernmost Country in South America.

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